Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Our Long Term Care staff provides comprehensive oral and IV medication services to Long Term Care and Independent Living facilities throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. We are dedicated to delivering high quality service to the staff and residents to help achieve optimal outcomes. Our experienced pharmacy staff provides exceptional service with expertise in geriatric pharmacology.


Every client receives personalized service from a dedicated and experienced Billing Specialists. Billing Specialists work closely with your facility business staff to ensure accurate billing. Your Billing Specialist is also available to assist families with pharmacy billing concerns.

Order Processing

We utilize a specialized dispensing system that ensures accuracy, prompt processing of prescription and OTC orders, and compliance for medication administration. Every order is processed and screened for drug interactions, allergies, and accuracy by our experienced team of pharmacists and technicians. When an equivalent generic medication is available, it is always our first choice for your facility or loved one.

Infusion Therapy

Our certified IV team provides infusion therapy to reduce the potential of hospital readmissions, allowing your resident or loved one to remain in their current environment.

Clinical Services

Our Clinical Department provides a precise assessment of your medical profile to help manage cost, aid in drug selection, and reduce negative side effects.

Education and Training Services

We believe education and training are key components to high quality of service and continuum of care. We provide IV therapy education and training related to ordering medication and administration. Our staff assists in the development of policies and procedures. We also assist the facility with compliance related to surveys and state and federal laws, rules, and regulations.


Should any emergency arise after normal business hours, the pharmacy staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergencies will be addressed by our pharmacists who are knowledgeable about your facility and familiar with your residents.

Delivery Service

Routine medication deliveries are scheduled to each facility. Delivery arrival times are monitored to meet the needs of your facility. When emergency situations occur all medication orders are quickly processed and delivered as soon as possible.

Medication Carts

Medication carts are provided to allow safe and secure storage and administration of medications.


We provide a variety of reports, including but not limited to, clinical, management and financial.Upon request, we also provide medication administration records (MAR) and treatment administration records.

Emergency Medications

We supply emergency drug kits to avoid a delay in resident care.  Pharmacists are available for emergencies 24/7 and deliveries are made promptly at no additional cost.

Specialized Packaging

Unit dose packaging (also known as blister packaging or bingo cards) is used to reduce medication errors, track administration and improve overall medication management and care quality.